Give parents an amazing experience with your school that will spread like a wildfire

Dear School Leader,

Technology is moving fast, so fast that it’s easy to miss the boat. Just 10 short years ago, the word “Smart phone” did not exist but now they are used by 97% of American adults on a daily basis. The average new generation of parents with young children is between 26 to 40 years old and this generation is tech savvy and accustomed to take care of so many things in their lives online and on the go. Anything from shopping to payparenting the bills online to working by telecommuting is the norm for this generation.

Now these parents expect to be able to tap into their smart phones power and quickly learn about the day of their little one at school. To them that’s the natural and more accessible way to connect and communicate with the school so that they can view, communicate and get organized with everything school from anywhere and anytime.

WithMyLittleOne empowers schools to provide a one of kind experience for parents to connect to their children’s preschool to get daily activities news, information and not to mention their kid’s pictures and videos. This secure school communication tool provides school leaders with powerful multi-channel communication tool to reach out to parents in emergencies and in everyday school life.

When parents see how your school communicates and keeps them informed and organized with school, they gain a peace of mind that is incomparable to anything else. The level of satisfaction you can provide to these parents so that they know their kids are in good hands is beyond anything else you could do to advertise your school. When they know every cute detail about their kid’s school day, they keep talking about it with their peers and that’s the most effective thing you can do to attract new families to you school no matter how full your waiting list already is.


WithMyLittleOne was created for school leaders by school owners, directors and teachers. They told us every feature they needed to be able to manage their schools in the modern age to help them save time and money, reduce stress on the staff, and increase parent engagement with one tool that does it all.

Now with only $0.40 per student/month you can leap your school into the 21st century and take advantage of everything that technology has to offer to usher your school into a high tech, parent-satisfying, staff time and energy saving innovative school that will keep parents talking about your school.

It’s Expensive Not to Use Technology in Your School






Our mission is to help parents feel more connected to their little one's at preschool and make it easy for school leaders and teachers to provide that connection and engagement.

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