How Technology Adoption Upgrades Your School

playNot long ago, it was the Age of Information – suddenly so much news and data from around the world became available with the spread of the Internet. Sharing information became easier than ever, and the format became so appealing that everyone jumped right on it and shared their work and passions online through message boards, blogs, and pictures.

But we smoothly sailed past the days when we only went online for one-way information sharing, moving into the Age of Communication. Now we’ve enjoyed the arrival of social networks, where everyone can easily connect with like-minded people, and also the worldwide adoption of smartphones, which keep us connected at all times.


Create powerful rapport with parents.

When schools keep parents in the loop about what’s happening in the classroom and what extracurricular activities are coming up, educators can tap into the amazing power of community. Parents will feel more connected, in-the-know, and engaged in their children’s education, and in return you will get more support for your school activities, programs, and events.




Engage parents in school activities.


  • Share pictures/videos of the students playing and learning – At least one or two pictures per day will keep parents engaged. They’ll get a unique window into daily class activities and their children’s social interaction.


  • ReminderShare announcements and reminders – Sharing the next week’s lesson plans, including what the kids need to bring to school, will help parents plan for the upcoming week. More prepared students equal a more organized (and more fun!) class experience.



  • SleepShare pictures of the kids taking naps – This will give the parents peace of mind. And since most of them have never seen their kids taking a nap at school, they will be amazed to see the pictures .



  • lunchShare the school’s weekly lunch plan – Take a picture of the lunch plan of the week to post online for parents. They would love to know ahead of the time what their kids will be fed, particularly since it helps in planning nutritionally balanced meals for home.


Involve parents in their kids’ education.

15390640_sForming a well-rounded education system between school and home makes all the difference for the entire classroom’s educational experience.

When parents are involved in their children’s education, the whole family is likely to benefit. Researchers report that parent participation in their children’s schooling frequently:

  • Enhances children’s self-esteem
  • Improves children’s academic achievement
  • Strengthens parent-child relationships
  • Helps parents develop positive attitudes toward school


tipsInvite parents to participate in educational activities.


  • Make short videos of yourself explaining the lessons of the week

This will help the parents practice the same educational subjects with kids at home. Sharing videos is an awesome way to talk to all the parents at once. Not only will moms and dads hear your message, but your personality and feelings too. It’s very powerful!










Our mission is to help parents feel more connected to their little one's at preschool and make it easy for school leaders and teachers to provide that connection and engagement.

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