Parent Communication Features Your Schools Shouldn’t Run Without

Emergency and Last-Second Push, Text and Voice Notifications Made Easy

sendMenuImagine you have an emergency, or a last second change. You need to get the RIGHT details out to the right parents, and fast! What do you do? You can send an email, which only 30% of parents acknowledge before it’s too late. Or you can leverage the power of Push Notifications, Text Messages and automatic phone voice messages; which parents read and listen to over 99% of the time. The best part? Most programs charge per text. With My Little One it’s included!




Class Voice Mail Recording

Voice MessageAllow teachers to record voice messages in class posts, they don’t even have to type! (You still maintain 100% control, and can review them before they’re posted).


Plus the 100% Secure Video, Photo and “What did Sara do today” Details Parents Demand

Parents want to know what their child did every day; but when they ask, all they get is a blank stare. And most parents agree, a 10 second info session with a teacher at the door just isn’t enough. They expect images, videos and details. Information top schools now deliver.

Here’s the problem.

By sharing this in-demand information frequently schools put themselves at risk. Private FaceBook groups are easily accessed by the same facial recognition software predators use to identify low confidence kids, and match that info to their parents ‘private’ profiles, home address and phone numbers. What if you could securely share pictures, videos and class activities on a private school platform? Now you can leap into the 21st century, and provide parents with the experience they desire on WithMyLittleOne.

So parents can engage, Like and Comment without predatory risk!

Keep Events Organized; Parents Engaged
event reminder on the go
Your parents are busy, and they don’t want to drop the ball. Help them stay informed with our rich school calendar. Unlike most calendars that simply provide details, ours is rich in features, and makes your life easy! You simply create an event; parents immediately see it in their news feed, and add it to their smart phones (it syncs flawlessly). Now you’ll know your parents have been engaged, meaning more attendees at your schools events!













Our mission is to help parents feel more connected to their little one's at preschool and make it easy for school leaders and teachers to provide that connection and engagement.

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