School Communication Strategies that will WOW Your Parents


Dear School Leader,

“Keeping the lion from the door…staying ahead of the curve…making parents want to come here. That is the BIGGEST stress. How do I communicate we’re the best?”

We hear it every day, from top school leaders, to tiny 1 room preschools.

After speaking with countless preschool teachers, directors and parents, we’ve ferreted out what we believe to be THE 5 Communication Strategies that Truly Impact Your Schools Success, Impress Your Parents, and Bring in Steady Parent Referrals.

Strategy #1: Attract in Parents with Reliable Emergency Blasts

Parents need to know you’re doing everything you can to protect their precious little ones. Teachers need to know that a crisis can be handled in minutes. Meaning schools would be well advised to have a reliable and fast way to distribute emergency information when a crisis strikes. If you do not currently have an Emergency Message Blast system in place, feel free to respond and our team of experts will analyze which will work for you, and get you the system you need!

Strategy #2: Provide an Informative School calendar with SMS text reminders

No one likes to feel out of the know, especially parents. A flexible school calendar that shows all the school events to parents provides the easiest way for parents, teachers and leaders to access important information on the go. Before you spend hours researching all of the ‘one-size-fits-all’ calendars on the market, make sure you know what you want, and what you truly need; like an easy way to send timely reminders to parents, how well the system will engage parents and gain participation and compliance, and how efficiently the system allows you to keep parents organized and on top of your most critical (profitable) school activities.

Strategy #3: EFFECTIVE, Beautifully designed emails to all or a group of parents

Email is still one of the most effective, and used communication channels, so make sure you are prepared to send out beautifully branded emails that exude importance, and make parents stop and pay attention. WithMyLittleOne offers a full suite of beautifully designed, brand customizable email templates that bring your school into this century, and transform communications from average, to extraordinary.

Strategy #4: Switch to Hassle-Free Picture & Video Sharing that Takes Seconds Instead of Hours

A picture is worth a thousand words. Sharing little moments of children’s activities with relevant parents will keep them in the know, will help them connect to their kids at school and will develop a huge appreciation towards what and your staff do for the children. More appreciation means more referrals and more money, allowing you to focus on expanding the programs that deliver the greatest results, and pull in the families you want.

Strategy #5: Embrace Secure Private Parent Communication

Let’s face it. Parents do not like their childrens’ pictures exposed to the world. Pictures from your school are no different. Many parents secretly worry that images on your website and school Facebook Page put their children at risk.  In fact, when surveyed 100% OF PARENTS stated they prefer PRIVATE COMMUNICATION. In other words, they would prefer you only share it with the people who know their children, like their family members, and other families at your school.

WithMyLittleOne can empower you to achieve this heightened security, and more.

Created solely from deep-dive input and feedback from countless school leaders, directors, teachers and parents, WithMyLittleOne’s ONE simple tool is guaranteed meet all your needs, level up your communication, wow parents and attract new families to your wonderful school.

Remember, showing to parents what you do for their kids all day is the best marketing you can do for your school.



Our mission is to help parents feel more connected to their little one's at preschool and make it easy for school leaders and teachers to provide that connection and engagement.

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