The only thing that seems to grow faster than our children—is technology

iStock_000006491462SmallTechnology is moving faster than any time in history.

So fast, in fact, that many of us cannot feel how fast it is progressing.


You don’t have to think back very far to realize that technology is moving like a runaway train.


10 years ago the word “Smart Phone” didn’t exist.


20 years ago the internet was an infant.


Fast forward to today–99.99% of adults use smartphones to do and track everything…


The average age of a preschool parent is  between 28 to 48, this age group fully utilizes the power of the Internet, social networks, online marketplaces and ecommerce to handle almost everything in their life.


And the most precious person in their life, their preschool child, is no exception to this rule.

These same parents want to tap into this new technology, to keep tabs on their child’s happiness and progress,



As you can guess, this makes keeping up with technology less of a ‘luxury’ and more of a necessity.


And much like a child’s education, the further you get behind, the harder it is to catch up.


Now more than ever, you need a team you can trust to help carry you through this constantly evolving electronics communication age.


Our team at WithMyLittleOne can help.


As experts in the field of online security and development, we are equipped to get the job done; securely and professionally.


This means no matter how far behind you are now, when you team up with us…


  • Your school will always be positioned at the top of the high-tech wave, no matter how fast technology moves forward. We’ll insure you never get left behind.
  • Your school and students will experience a level of security-cloaked social connection so strong, it makes public networks pale in comparison.
  • And you’ll be surprised how the questions you receive from parents seem to fade away, saving you hours of time you need every week.

Yesterday our amazing service was a luxury.

Today learning center leaders tell us, “It’s a necessity”.


Contact us now to discover how we can help you maintain your status as a top school, now and into the future.







Our mission is to help parents feel more connected to their little one's at preschool and make it easy for school leaders and teachers to provide that connection and engagement.

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