The Power of Video in School Communication

Video: A Powerful Fundraising Medium

20409575_sThe average attention span keeps shortening – not only for kids but also for their parents. There are just so many things that ask for people to look or listen these days, and it’s hard to keep up with all the news and information that are demanding attention from different directions.

Video is an attractive and powerful tool to communicate messages with your audience. Approximately 85 percent of human learning is helped by visual aids. According to a study by Forbes, if given the choice between text and video, 60 percent would choose video. Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter highly recommend videos to engage a wider audience, leading to more successful fundraising campaigns. How can schools leverage the power of videos too?

Videos communicate your school’s mission more effectively

The best way to get a few minutes of parents’ time is to offer them a short, sweet, and sincere video that has a clear and well-explained message. After reviewing the main point, include an action request to tell them exactly how viewers can help after seeing your video. Do you want them to click on a link and donate money for an upcoming school project, or simply share your message on their social network? Being specific about what you want your audience to do will elevate your chance of reaching your goal and strengthening your community.






Our mission is to help parents feel more connected to their little one's at preschool and make it easy for school leaders and teachers to provide that connection and engagement.

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