Why Your School’s Website and Facebook Page are Dangerous Places for Pictures

playingWe see it all the time: pictures of preschool children floating all over the internet, on the school’s Facebook page, and on the school’s public website.

Shouldn’t we stop for a second and ask ourselves if this is appropriate? Did we ask for these children’s permission before sharing their childhood pictures with the world?

The first concern is simple: we just don’t know how they’ll feel about this as they get older.

What if a teenager doesn’t want the whole world to know what their favorite activity was at preschool? Or what if a new college graduate wants to keep their early childhood life private from their future employers’ view?

Aside from the question of personal preferences, there’s a much more dangerous risk.

Child predators are actively looking for unprotected pictures of children online to misuse and misrepresent on inappropriate websites.

There are many reasons a parent may need or prefer to keep their child’s name, face, and school location private. Child predators often use high-tech tools, such as facial recognition software, to track the whereabouts of their victims. From this information, it can be all too easy to figure out a family’s home address, schedule, and other personal information—putting both the child and the family at risk.

Leading child care centers are taking action to resolve this pressing concern and protect children from online threats.

We ask you to contact WithMyLittleOne to find out how you can securely communicate with parents while protecting the privacy of children and families.




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